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That Canning Factory, Man...

by Brian Foote

Final Rating: 2.53. Finished 170 out of 185 entries.

371 views including the voting period.


Animator: Brian Foote

Description: First real animation. A project for a 3D animation class, showing what we had learned of animating in Maya.

This was fun. I'll have to give future competitions a go. Feel free to tear this apart as you see fit.

Bread and bag models are from cadnav.com

Experience: Student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with very little experience.

Time taken: About 5 days, give or take another day.


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Read the rules a bit closer next time - "Don't edit the sound file (beyond adding silence before/after if needed - please try to keep the extra time to a minimum, winning eCritiques will not include added time)"

Shiladitto Gupto:

As far as I remember you are not allowed to change the audio timing. You are suppose to animate it as the way you get iy.

Aaron McGriff:

the audio can't be cut up like this

Laurent Châtellier:

Did you insert pauses in the audio ? I think it's against the competition rules.

Felipe Navarro:

Slow movements, and dont mess with the audio!