Final Rating: 5.35. Finished 34 out of 185 entries.

408 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jonathan Song

Description: This animation took me about a week to do, and another week for refining. It is also my first entry ever to this competition, so I hope you will like it!

Experience: College

Time taken: 1 Week


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Richard Adams:

Nicely done, definitely one of the better entries this month. Top 20 IMO.

Margo Pierce:

i think him pushing the bread forward should have some more ease in and ease out. The acting is kinda Jimmy Neutron like with how much spacing is in between each pose, however the style of it isnt bad, i think you need some more ease to really sell the kind of movement youre going for. I love his faces! theyre timed well and that eyedart youve got really sells it. when he lifts the can his shoulder doesnt need to come up so high. the movement between the crushing can (which has an adorable moving hold by the way!!!) and him asking "you like canned food?" is awesome!!! its got an amazing sense of slow in and slow out!!! thats the best part of the whole animation in my opinion!

Laurent Châtellier: