Final Rating: 6.36. Finished 11 out of 185 entries.

1,093 views including the voting period.


Animator: najar faicel

Description: two bakers, in work

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: 20 days


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Jason Weilee:

Lip sync sometimes seems a bit off. Try having your mouth shapes a few frames before the actual sound.

Jacinta Joe:

I like the characterization of the voices and that rolling pin animation. You could exaggerate the key parts in the dialogue.

Lucky Brown:

I think the baker could have better facial expression.

Pamela Rivera:

I feel lip sync is not matching. NIce job!

Ruben Uggla:

Really well made.

Richard Adams:

Don't know what's causing the flickering. Otherwise this is *really* nicely polished animation. Beautifully drawn. Very appealing character design, solid dimensionality (meaning they feel they have volume in 3d space).

Tiffany Chao:

The animation for person 1 seems to jump from one frame to the next very suddenly during the line "be a baker?" Otherwise the character design is great (skinny guy with higher pitched voice as person 1 and classic rotund chef type as person 2)