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May 11 sec club Michael Solis

by Mikey Solis

Final Rating: 3.66. Finished 116 out of 185 entries.

351 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mikey Solis

Description: Mt sierra college senior thesis submission

Experience: Intermediate

Time taken: 10 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Ruben Uggla:

The animation of when he stands up could be improved but overall I think the lip-syncing is good along with the body movement.

Wai Han Lau:

I like how you've gone a different direction to everyone else, having the staging focus on the other person listening! However, I've noticed a few problems such as the baker guy's elbows sinking into the sofa at frame 259 and the movement of him putting his elbows back and standing up both feel unnatural. I suggest you film yourself acting these movements out to see how people move. Keep animating!


I'd have bumped you up a star if you'd included hand poses in this - it's not bad overall, but you GOTTA pose the hands man...