Final Rating: 3.15. Finished 142 out of 185 entries.

345 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alejandro

Description: Is a can who want to be more than a can and try something else

Experience: I'm studing... just learning

Time taken: like 3 days


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Lucky Brown:

I see what u did there XD

Poh hui:

interesting idea! it's not easy to make dialogue shot with "props" like characters. The difficulty is they don't have mouth, eyes and stuffs to show expression, and you definitely made a cool move! good job!

Ruben Uggla:

It's a funny idea but the animation needs some work because it feels very choppy when they speak.

Urszula Przybylska:

it's difficult to judge animation

Richard Adams:

Perhaps one of the best-rendered entries this month. Beautiful to look at. The animation though, is sadly weak. Needs faces with eyes and mouths, even if the faces are hand-painted (and hand-animated)


It has unnecessary/distracting camera movement.