Final Rating: 4.07. Finished 99 out of 185 entries.

377 views including the voting period.


Animator: 3d Animator

Description: Casual conversation between two friends

Experience: Some

Time taken: 12 days


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Richard Adams:

No idea why he's riding a leopard. Really well animated otherwise. Wish the faces took up more of the screen space so I can see them better. That leopard sure moves really really well though.

Lucky Brown:

haha what? so random. extra cheeta to animate. Could use that time to improve on the human character animation.

Ruben Uggla:

I would have liked some closeups on the characters instead of just having a full view but the animation was still pretty good.

Ivan Mendoza:

The cheetah is cool and all but its too distracting. I had to watch it three times to actually pay attention to the characters :P Also it's got a "pop" on the legs in the passing position.

Pamela Rivera:

Quite unexpected to see the Cheetah there... but nice walks!

Felipe Navarro:

I dont get the tiger


Nice walk cycles.


Whats with the leopard :D... intriguing...

Shiladitto Gupto:

What was that??