Final Rating: 2.77. Finished 163 out of 185 entries.

346 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mike Smock

Description: My first 3D character animation. A news clip. Done in MAYA.

Experience: 1 and a half years at AIP.

Time taken: Around 10 hours.


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Jacinta Joe:

The character's eyes are open too wide. It seems like he is staring at us, which can be a little bit uncomfortable. I like it when he looks away because it looks like his thinking.

Lucky Brown:

Need improvement on his facial animation, his eyes are open too wide the whole time.

Ruben Uggla:

I think giving the character more facial expressions would help bringing him to life.
There is also too many things in the background, it makes it hard to know where you are suppose to look.

Pamela Rivera:

The way he stares is a little bit creepy. It still has this robotic feeling.

Felipe Navarro:

Its ok, you need to animate the eyes, there sas no expression at all

Todd Christiansen:

he stares into my soul