Final Rating: 2.29. Finished 182 out of 185 entries.

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Animator: Ronald DeRosa

Description: This is the first time I enter a comp.. I do this as a hubby. The software used is Blender.

Experience: A few years playing with Blender, on and off.

Time taken: A little over a week, on and off.


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Wai Han Lau:

A good effort and I like the camera movement! However, the movement is very unnatural - the torso hardly moves at all and people don't tend to move one body part at a time. I suggest you observe actors/actresses on screen and see how they move.

Shiladitto Gupto:

Hello there I don't have much to say about your work.. I'm sure you know that you need a lot to improve.. I'm assuming that you are just new to this whole world of animation and probably a student.. try to learn more from your mentor or try to learn from tutorials if you can find some because finding a good animation tutorial is not that easy.. it's not impossible but not easy.. and try to get some books on animation read them don't just look at the images in them and practice practice practice and keep on practicing.. all the best..