Final Rating: 5.27. Finished 31 out of 205 entries.

623 views including the voting period.


Animator: Karl Bernhardt

Description: The girl arrives to the wrong class room and is mistaken for another student... a dance student

Experience: 2 years a student, 1 year AVFX, 1 year character animation

Time taken: <1 week 3- 5 hours a day


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Max Calderon:

A lot of submissions used dancing as in the line but I feel this is had the more unique choices, love the use of the lean

Timothy Muller:

Fun stuff! I enjoy your facial expressions on both characters. The one piece of advice I'd like to give you is the teacher's dismount at the end. There isn't enough squash and overlap to make the transition smooth. He rockets from the down position from 345-355, then slows down sharply. It isn't a huge flaw, but very noticeable. A few frames at 312 to have a minor anticipation may have helped as well, but not vital.
I overall enjoyed this animation. Keep making fun stuff!

Clark Sison:

The greatest thing ever, love the MJ lean and secondary motion

James Trimm:

Kudos! The end posing feels quite in mapping, otherwise, as you clearly intended, the rest is Ott!!:D (great in animation)


This is pretty good! Well done :) My only issue with it is the dancing master's final pose were he holds his hands close together before he claps. I feel like his hands should be doing something else other than just waiting to clap, if that makes sense.

Nicolas Alejandro Lincolao Espina:

jackson jaja

Jordan Barg:

Why use a girl rig when he refers to him as a boy?