Final Rating: 4.97. Finished 39 out of 205 entries.

614 views including the voting period.


Animator: Timothy Muller

Description: The master has chosen his next pupil.

Experience: Less than 1 year.

Time taken: 40 hours, concept to rendering.


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Devin Stewart:

the end pose needs a little more settle, it seems like it just stops, and then starts again slowly.

Joshua Farmer:

I like it all, that last camera move is WILD... but it works I think. Fun idea and I like the reaction the master has after being questioned.

Stephen Bester:

Hold poses more solidly. Use FK arms. Use bigger mouth shapes.

Lewis van der Werf:

Funny, but needs better timing and breakdowns that provide nice arcs.

James Trimm:

More movement in the eyes (and eyebrows) , they're pretty still mostly?

Jordan Barg:

A bit choppy at parts, but overall great! I think you got good performance in the boy compared to most people, feels natural, slide reveal at the end is great.