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Animator: Zay Bee

Description: A teacher seems rude but he has a golden heart. He helps students and tries to push to their limit. Well, i am animation student and i am inspired by some professor, who are really great.

Experience: 6 month

Time taken: almost 16 hours


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An interesting setup, I'm sure there's a great story behind this scene. I'd love to see the animation tell that a bit more as at the moment I'm a little unclear. Why is the master looking skyward angrily at the end? Who is that third person and what are they doing there?
Also, super nitpicky but it stood out to me, wouldn't the crutch serve it's purpose better if the student had it under his other arm? It's an interesting affliction that you've given him but he doesn't seem to move any differently as a result, other than a slight tilt of his hips and shoulders.

Timothy Muller:

Hi there. My advice for you is to strengthen your contact poses and play with your acting choices. Practice contrapposto and line of action, and also check out Ed Hook's "Acting for Animators" if you haven't already.
Keep the good work up. Cheers.

P.S. The boy should be holding the crutch on his right side since that's the side his body needs support with.