Final Rating: 2.40. Finished 159 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: Jacob Luttrell

Description: Dance instructed tries to get a new student from a random person walking by.

Experience: In animation class

Time taken: 25+ hours


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Devin Stewart:

Lookin good, I really like your story here. I think the end pose on the dance master is something that stood out to me the most as something that needs tinkering. It's a little static, and looks like the character is being pulled up by something. Perhaps a settle down after going up would help.

Fernando Incetta:

It lacks refine, it actually look like an early blocking. You could use some more camera variation also.

Timothy Muller:

Hello. Few pieces of advice.
1. Experiment with contrapposto, line of action, and center of gravity. They will improve your contact poses dramatically.
2. Perspective, camera angle, and character scales can all seek improvement. Try copying shots from cinematics you enjoy. Replicate what they did.
3. Your acting can be much stronger and built on stronger foundations. Check out Ed Hook's "Acting for Animators."
Keep up the work.


Too floaty, a lot more towards the end. Also fix the knee pop on the character in the right.