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Your Dancing Master

by Robin R.

Final Rating: 2.22. Finished 170 out of 205 entries.

492 views including the voting period.


Animator: Robin R.

Description: who are you? Really? :O I Don't believe!

Experience: Student...

Time taken: Job in class and home. Approximately 20 days.


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Angela Colvin:

Still in stepped. Needs a lot of work. Camera moves not needed, they don't make an impact...focus more on character emotion and acting. also lipsync.


Nice. Will you finish this?


I think you've got the start of something good here, but it seems as though it's still in the blocking stages. Maybe the deadline got you, but don't be afraid to smooth out those curves and polish it into the next stage.

Timothy Muller:

Hi there. My advice for you is to strengthen your contact poses. Practice contrapposto and line of action. Also check out Ed Hook's "Acting for Animators" if you haven't already.
Keep the good work up.

Todd Christiansen:

not very smooth movement, but the camera angle, and the boy's expression at the end were priceless

Riley Thompson:

its not finished man, looks like its just been keyed so far