Final Rating: 2.55. Finished 153 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: areyouguystwins

Description: Memories of school days!
Shooting for the bottom with Anime Pro 2d software.

Experience: 8+ yrs

Time taken: couple hours


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Sergi Miranda:

Lol xD

Joshua Farmer:

I think it is interesting for sure, just not sure what the story is.


Wwwwwhhaaaaaaaaaaaat? This scares me.

AyseNur Wilkomir:

What is this?! :DD Hahaaahhh

Ruy Sandoval:

Gil Carlos:

WTF XD, This actually made me laugh so hard

Lee Nam:

DAT gum


Angela Anaconda? is that you?


I don't know how to rate this....