Final Rating: 3.17. Finished 111 out of 205 entries.

504 views including the voting period.


Animator: Giovanni Nicolia

Description: A dancing instructor is very late for his first appointment with a student.

Experience: Less than a year

Time taken: Better part of two weeks


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James Trimm:

good start, not enough bounce in places.

Timothy Muller:

Hello there. Here are my pieces of advice for you:
1. Strengthen your lip sync. Don't be afraid to over-exaggerate in order to find what looks pleasing, especially from afar.
2. Small confusion in the story. I'm not sure why the teacher would consider the boy late if he himself just arrived.
3. Teacher's transitions, from standing up, to brushing his arm, to facing the boy are too sharp. Make sure you allow proper time or fluid posing in order to make the connections seamless.
I liked watching this overall. Keep up the good work.