Final Rating: 3.69. Finished 88 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: Nacho Grela

Description: I didnt had much time doing this animation. It is my first time animation in 11 second club, and i not use to timing process.
I know its full of flaws, but i would like to know your opinions too.

Animated in Animate CC

Experience: I studied 4 years of animation a long time ago.

Time taken: 1 week


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I like some of your poses, but I think the teacher is moving to much. Pick the strongest poses and take out the rest. This will give you more time to work out strong in-betweens and smother animations.

Nicolas Alejandro Lincolao Espina:

jajajajajajajajja xd

Todd Christiansen:

animation is p good! character design is lacking.