Final Rating: 7.24. Finished 4 out of 205 entries.

8,066 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ole Christian Løken

Description: Chimney sweepers need to dance as well.

Experience: 3.5 years professionally

Time taken: couple of hours in the evening after work


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James Trimm:

Nice fluidity- having difficulty connecting with the face.

Timothy Muller:

BEAUTIFUL! Reminds me of "Gravity Falls."
Acting and perspective choices are superb. I don't get why the ladder is that high; the hooks should be connected to something unless the ladder is secured by something below.
Your lip sync falls short slightly. "Late" could be a bit more open and flaunt that tongue more.

Enjoyed watching this! I hope you make the top 3.


Well done!

Eli Orr:

I loved the first 143 frames. They were smooth, detailed, and over all beautiful. The face of the man and the top of the hat bouncing were delightful! Overall though, the entire animation wasn't as good though, consider managing your time to make the entire scene of similar quality. Nice job though!