Final Rating: 2.59. Finished 149 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: Andrew Downey

Description: A young boy who is late rushes to his first dance class expecting find his new teacher waiting for his arrival. Only to find out the dance teacher is replaced by a hologram projector.

Experience: 3 Months

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Timothy Muller:

Hi there. My advice for you is to strengthen your contact poses. Practice contrapposto and line of action. Also check out Ed Hook's "Acting for Animators" if you haven't already.
Keep the good work up. Cheers.


The setting is cool, but the animations are lacking. Something that would help is giving a stronger emotion on both characters. Both characters feel stiff so try adding more simple movement or try changing some of the poses to give the characters places to move into.

Lucy Acland:

This needs a lot more polishing and character personality.