Final Rating: 5.28. Finished 30 out of 205 entries.

671 views including the voting period.


Animator: praveenkv

Description: Hi guys , here is my entry for this month contest, thank you...

Experience: 2 years and counting.....

Time taken: 3 Days after work


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Kazi Abu Bakkar Chisty:

nice anticipation work.

Joshua Farmer:

Would have given a higher score if the playblast was not as noticeable, or if it was rendered. The animation looks pretty good. It needs a little more work. Try to stay away from holds and work on moving holds. This is could have benefited from an extra day or 2. Overall really nice.


The animation was really good! Only issues I have with it are that you incorporated some, but not all of the background noises, and the awkward pause between when the kid says "who are you?" and the "dancing master's" next movement. Also, 560 x 316 is already small, so the resolution gate makes the annoyingly small video even smaller... so TURN IT OFF.... please? :)

Lauren Hammond:

Nice animation! My one critique is that the way the boy is looking sideways at the master works at first, but it seems unnatural to hold that pose for a whole conversation. I think he should turn and face this guy, especially if he's a stranger


Nice work! It can be tricky having your actors play to the camera in order to see their expressions, and I think the student is a little too square to the camera to convincingly look like they're speaking to the master. You could try having him turn around a bit more, or experimenting with different framing or camera movements to alleviate that.

James Trimm:


Lewis van der Werf:

Funny! Don't think the last 2 poses of the dancing master are very strong or elegant. He lines up with the edge of the door as well, staging wise




My main issue is presentation

Lucy Acland:

Good character animation, but I think they should be directly facing each other.