Final Rating: 7.10. Finished 5 out of 205 entries.

5,735 views including the voting period.


Animator: Peerapong Pipatpan

Description: A young boy meets his dancing master at the first time.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Lee Nam:

top 5!


You really nailed the poses in this one. The animation was also superbly smooth. I love the way the turtle gulps as the monster gets close to him. Feels very natural. This is definitely in my top 3!


nice animation but the acting needs more work...

Lauren Hammond:

I'm confused but like in a good way haha! Could be cool if master didn't start dancing until right when he says the line, to add more suspense


I like it! Lip sync needs some work. When he says, "... late, boy!" there is a small separation between the two words, and your character looks like he's slurring the two, at least to me. When he says, "Tomorrow..." you left out the 'm'.

narendra sawant:

good work


Looks great! The only thing I would pick out is that the master's dancing at the end, as it's very stop-start and rhythmic, doesn't quite seem to marry up with the smooth delivery of the last line.

Timothy Muller:

I like it! Some of the monster's lip sync gets lost ("boy," "tomorrow," and "master" specifically). Your characters overall have fun acting and an attractive energy. Keep up the great work.

Grégoire Vion Miyamoto:

the ending sucks

John Toland:

And this is the winner. great opening

Robert Firestone:

This is a nice piece. I think you could dial back the squash and stretch a bit on the turtle.



Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

this is may be in top 6

Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan:

Amazing shot man! nice appeal and line of actions and I adore how you work the bits specially when says " mid day"!!!, really good one of the best and hope you win!

Ruth Agada:

I love the expressions.