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You, Are "Bal-late" Boy

by Zakaria Barazi

Final Rating: 4.54. Finished 48 out of 205 entries.

630 views including the voting period.


Animator: Zakaria Barazi

Description: Turns out ballet is pretty tough... First entry, critiques are extremely welcome.

Experience: A couple of animation classes at college.

Time taken: ~20 hours


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Lee Bird:

nice poses and good idea, the timing is a little soft and even though.


That slap was amazing xD


His action in the last shot on "your dancing master!" is great, particularly that little mischievous finger tap at the end. There are lots of great poses from him, actually. Two points stood out to me.

First, in that first shot it's not clear who the master is talking to. I'd tweak the composition of it so that we can see your actors. Feel free to cheat some scenery around between shots if needed.

Secondly, that slap. I love it, I want more of it! The dancer can be both fluid and strong, really have him follow through on it to lend it some weight. Right now his body stops turning once he's facing the boy, and the slapping hand just comes back to his side. You've got an opportunity for a fluid turn in there that follows through with the action. Likewise, although the boy stumbles and his head turns, his body mostly stays square forward. Adding some rotation to him to match the hit will help sell the action just as much as the slap itself.

Timothy Muller:

Hi there! My biggest piece of advice for you would be to play with your timing. The characters seem to float or glide with their actions (especially when the teacher jumps off stage. Even the slap seems a bit soft).
Overall, good job. Keep up the good work.

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

LOL I really felt the slap. Great character development and interaction. The animation was on point! So smooth!

James Trimm:

Great moments- try to avoid 'floating' when characters jump in mid air:)

Michael Yochim:

Best use of the stepping sounds I've seen thus far. The timing on that slap was so freakin' funny...


Its a really nice attempt. But needs more weight on the action.

Lucy Acland:

I love the slap.