Final Rating: 5.45. Finished 24 out of 205 entries.

796 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jaime Mora

Description: A kid looking for his classroom meets his new crazy teacher.

Experience: Recent graduate!

Time taken: 2 weeks in my free time.


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Lauren Hammond:

Nice acting choices on "who are you"! Would like to see some asymmetry in the master's face, especially in the mouth shapes


Some great little touches in this one, like the door swing as the master pushes off from it, and a solid walk cycle at the start. The master stays stoic and still while still feeling animated and believable which can be hard to get right.
That last shot though, eeuuaagaghhhhhh oh god I think I need an adult after seeing that creepy-ass hip swirl. That's some nightmare fuel right there. That's a compliment to the animation, by the way. I'm surprised that there wasn't more of a reaction from the boy, there, as a result. I get that you want the focus to be on the master, but the boy just steps back a bit as a grown man somersaults through the air to gyrate his tighty-witeys at him, and I feel like that could use a little more of a reaction.

Stephen Bester:

Cool. Kid needs more overlap. Don't hide "Your" inside the big action. Need to see him speak it


The last jump seemed a bit out of place. But otherwise very nice.

Andile Ngqewu:

Dope, very well done. good story, composition is solid, nice framing. Smooth animation.

TJ Askew:

A little creepy, but sound.