Final Rating: 2.92. Finished 126 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: enrique jaramillo

Description: Takes place in a dance academy, and the guy is late for class and other students like batman, optimus and mime are already in their dance practices

Experience: 8 months.

Time taken: Many hours


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Joshua Farmer:

no idea what is going on. batman is over there shaking his money maker. we have a mime and obtimus prim doing a weird pose. just way to much going on. I don't mean to sound rude.... I just don't get it I guess. I did make me laugh for sure!

Bradley Adams:

Lip sync is ok, the camera and scene shots really need improving and more attention to. The animation in general feels a bit static and robotic. 5/11

Hernan Dario Castro:

enriquee so good


Good idea.

Timothy Muller:

Hello there. I have a few recommendations to improve your work:
1. The teachers eyes at the beginning. The eyes are the window to the soul, so practice when less is more and when exaggeration is effective.
2. All of shot 2 and 3. Working on a single character can be a chore, so having a shot with 5 even for a few frames will create massive confusion unless handled well. Watch this "Overwatch" trailer from 2:45-3:04 and analyze each character, their placement, and how the camera leads the action:
Overall, keep going and keep up the work.