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by Aravind Kp

Final Rating: 4.71. Finished 43 out of 205 entries.

501 views including the voting period.


Animator: Aravind Kp

Description: ...

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 8 nights after my job


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It might just be the camera, but the lip sync seems off in some way. The rest of the animation was quite good! I feel that you should have incorporated more of the smaller sounds in the audio clip, just to make everything a little more believable. For instance, syncing his leg movements with the footstep sounds. That is all :)


I really like this. I'd suggest turning the master at the end there so that we can better read his punches, which are a great ending flourish. It looks like you've used some nice scaling and perspective tricks to sell them as they are, but the motion doesn't read very clearly in silhouette.

Paul Wei:

The animation feels really nice after the midway point. The beginning movements don't seem as purposeful and clear, and specifically when he takes that step, his body should shift to allow him to be able to move his leg out.