Final Rating: 4.83. Finished 42 out of 205 entries.

524 views including the voting period.


Animator: Hemant

Description: Lady secretary coming late to office after a short vacation and so she doesn't know that she's gotta new Boss..

Experience: some years

Time taken: 5 days


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Kendra Kaye Coffey:

Ok the animation was great, I can't fault you there but I wasn't feeling the concept.

James Trimm:

Great! His legs move onto the desk very quick.


Interesting. But the dialogue says 'Boy' and theres a woman, that was a little confusing for me. The lip sync is not spot on, but good attempt.

Jordan Barg:

Why use a girl rig when he refered to him as a boy?

Lucy Acland:

You're getting there. Though I don't know why we needed that beginning shot.