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Dancing Master

by Satya

Final Rating: 4.97. Finished 39 out of 205 entries.

575 views including the voting period.


Animator: Satya

Description: An unexpected visit from the dancing master...

Experience: 7

Time taken: About a week


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

James Trimm:

There's some good animation there...ott alongisde the clip though. Other guy's mouth doesn't quite match the words.

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

I love the graceful movements of the dancing master!


I love how the dancing guy moves around, but I feel he might be moving to much at the start. Love the ending pose.

Timothy Muller:

Nice stuff. I especially love the ending shot, however the only two things I can point off about that are his jump after the spin and the very end. I think it could benefit more if you gave the teacher a bit more push with the jump (purely spacing, not timing), and played with his weight in his final pose (it looks as if he's about to lose balance).
The only other note I can make is his entry and exit in shot 1. It's a bit too exaggerated, via not communicating clearly through mechanical actions.
My final note is that your lip sync is a bit sharp or nonexistent. The teacher showcases sass in shot 1 (doesn't correlate with the tone), the boy is a bit too expansive in shot 2, and the teacher in shot 3 has little opportunity to show it (also due to the blur factor).
Nevertheless, I enjoyed your piece. Keep up the good work.

Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan:

This is so interesting but I think you need to spent a bit more on your golden poses, keep rocking man!