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Animator: Lim Zhi Chuan

Description: It's been a while since I do hand drawing animation. Forgive me if it looks a bit rough. :)

Experience: I have been making animation for 5 years.

Time taken: 10 days


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Love it. Please finish this.


Some great fundamentals in here and I love that reveal at the end. Also, full points for pulling off that lip sync on the first line while still having a very animated face, the work on that definitely shows, along with his super expressive arm movement while walking away!

While the master's walking away, he looks great, but the student is stationary in his toppled-over pose. There's not necessarily a problem with that, except that in the very next shot he's then sitting up. I'd love to see just a bit of roll up while he has the chance just to fix that little continuity break. It could be nice to see the master shrink or vanish over the horizon just a little during that shot, too. Maybe it's just the roughness of the lines but to my eyes it looked like he was just stamping in place a bit.

Kendra Kaye Coffey:

great movement. I really felt the interaction of the characters around the 30 frame.

Stephen Bester:

Great! Don't move the faces around so much in the beginning. Hold strong poses


a lovely piece of animation, very funny!!

AyseNur Wilkomir:

Hahah :D I like the idea, wish you would make the end different. Good job! :)

James Trimm:

That's 'in your face'!!:D


Very interestingly done first part. The final dialogue drawing needs more weight felt on the kid.

Paul Wei:

one of the funniest and most original takes on this line so far; wish it was more polished but the ideas are great.


loved the walking cycle