Final Rating: 3.68. Finished 89 out of 205 entries.

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Animator: Wanstida Kangwankiattichai

Description: This is my first 11 second club animation. It's not quite finish yet. But I would like to try to publish to see the feedback. I will keep working on this more.

Experience: 1 year at school

Time taken: 4 days


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You need to work on the facial animation, right now there is very little, I'm spetially talking about the eyes and eyebrows. Also try to animate the hair and ears of mr buttons, that makes him look more natural.


Cute scene, I like the sword you've given the master, that gives him a chance to do some very strong, quick, decisive movements that match with the voice. Make sure that you focus on that and keep everything strong. For instance, when he plants the tip into the ground, have the tip truly planted and unmoving while it's in there. The master should be able to visibly put some weight on it while it's in there! Contrasting that, when he dances at the end you can emphasize the funny contrast of behaviour by going even further with his movements. His centre of mass doesn't seem to leave a very small area at the moment, don't be afraid to have him ham it up a bit and really get moving fluidly!

You've set up some good possibilities with the boy that you could explore further. His expression is quite static throughout the clip at the moment, and could definitely be a bit more animated. Those apples, though! A little bit of physics on those, maybe having one fall out as he gets startled would be one of those, admittedly tricky, tasks that really sells the believability of the scene.

James Trimm:

Great! Don't find myself looking at the boy.


Its a good set up and with a few tweaks it could be really good. I found at some points one character froze for a small amount of time. There was also some foot sliding. Something else you could do is add eye blinks to both characters. Lastly don't let everything move at once try offsetting parts of the body so the foot gets there first then the body moves into place. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Lucy Acland:

It needs a little more polishing.