Final Rating: 2.29. Finished 161 out of 167 entries.

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Animator: Robert DeFord

Description: This is my submission. I am taking an animations class this term at college and I have never animated before this class.

Experience: 2-3 months while in college

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Nathan Greensmith:

Tone down the key poses with more fluid movement, she doesn't need to point to her head to indicate thinking. Good effort!

Catherine Albu:

They move too much and too little at the same time! Let me explain. Too much: the frequency of their arm movements is too quick. It's impossible to move that much and appear coordinated! Try it yourself to see, you'll notice how it's near impossible to move like your characters. Too little: their torsos are too static! If you just look at someone move their arms, you'll notice how their shoulders, chest, stomach, even hips all move a little at the same time. Try filming yourself act out the scene, and reproducing your movements in your 3D software. Another comment: the characters seem to be miming what they are saying, instead of simply moving normally as though during a conversation. Take the time to observe people talking - at a cafe, in the bus, anywhere. Keep it up! :)