Final Rating: 5.88. Finished 18 out of 167 entries.

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Description: after several days of visit to the doctor the passion is eager to know what he has, he will have the chance to find out ... !!!

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: 1 weeks


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the lip sync of the guy could be looked at again, other than that its pretty cool.

Nathan Greensmith:

ok, some ok poses

MellOuli Med:

i like it :)

Harry G:

Nice and smooth movements. The only thing that bugs me is the lip sync on "I know i'm right" frame 83-100 and the expressions are not that clear around that time.

Ezra Allen:

Yeah nice work. I like the guy better than the girl. I think your opening pose on her needs some work, it doesn't look like a natural way to rest your arm. I also would take out the funny point she does at the end. Overall it's a solid entry, nice one.

Alex Haggerty:

I like the overall movement. She could have a must stronger "wrong", and put her neck into it more. I think his dialogue and body language is great.