Final Rating: 4.48. Finished 75 out of 167 entries.

424 views including the voting period.


Animator: Martin Strom

Description: A customer is not satisfied with the soup he ordered. But the waitress has a simple solution to the problem.

The customer is the rig Blake, from Creative Crash (created by Jason Baskin). The waitress is ElevenRig.

Experience: 6 years (I said 8 last time, that was wrong)

Time taken: About a month


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Nathan Greensmith:

Good movements. Quite fluid.

Mag Magnet:

Aww, I love the way she sat up at frame 250!

Catherine Albu:

Love the setup! His glasses animation is adorable, awesome job! Only critique I see is that their lipsynch seems off to me. Try making the lips move 2-3 frames before the sound is actually heard, it'd improve it a lot already!

Sarah Johnson:

This is pretty respectable! I would watch out for over-animating some of the more exaggerated movements. Such big motions feel kind of awkward in the small space and the low-energy dialogue.

Kerry Kirkpatrick:

the movements are too quick, try adding some moving holds in to break up the action.

Jorge Duran Llanos:

bad staging