Final Rating: 5.04. Finished 48 out of 167 entries.

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Animator: Andrew Nolan Ahern

Description: Programs:

Experience: 4 days

Time taken: 3 years


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Nathan Greensmith:

Pretty good. Nice characters.

Santiago lindo:

It's not that original but the weight "feel" of her hair are pretty nice.

Ezra Allen:

Yeah this is one of the better 2d ones I've seen. The character models are much higher level than the others I've seen so far. I like the female much better than the male. Needs much more tweens, I guess you weren't finished. Watch your framing for the guy, it's pretty awkward that his hand goes out like that, not well planned. However overall good stuff.

ro crown:

model aheets of the char's would help in the placement of hair and follow thru on secondary actions of hair, clothes, etc...

rated 8 stars

roy cobn:

ok but what about story?..:)


Her hair feel a little distracting.