Final Rating: 5.17. Finished 43 out of 167 entries.

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Animator: Mag Magnet

Description: Miss Pauling doesn't like the Medic's idea very much.

Experience: Self-taught for 2 years

Time taken: Working after school on most weekdays


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Nathan Greensmith:

Good effort. Like it especially the secondary on the tie


I like how smooth the motions are, but your characters are speaking more through their hands than anything, gesturing for seemingly every word. This breaks the realism for me. Other than that, wonderful job! Great work.

Nesir Muradov:

Guy's movement is too exaggerated imo. Women's animation got some pop-ins

Jed B.:

Needs a lot of polish/smoothing... but you are definitely on to something. Keep practicing and you will get there. Great poses! Avoid the camera moves.

Diego González:

nice camera work

Matt Herbert:

There's something really appealing about this one. I love the timing on the man. The camera move at the beginning is unnecessary. Good job!

Ezra Allen:

Waaaay toooo much going on. Calm it right down they've had too many double espressos.

roy cobn:

the camera takes unnecessary role


animation is nice, but floating. reduce some poses

Hanne Dewachter:

Okay, so while I wanna give you points for using TF2 characters, some real critique here: Your movements are really all over the place (especially the last part), try and find specific points in the dialogue to accentuate with actions, instead of just putting actions anywhere.

Silvia Martelossi:

The male character is super cool!! Where did you take it? Is it yours?

Catherine Albu:

Awesome job! I think they move too much, however. Every second they have a new pose to get to, and it's tiring for the eye! Try making the characters pause sometimes, to put the emphasis on the more important movements. The girl, especially, seems to move a lot even though her movements aren't particularly significant, nor do they bring much acting wise. If she'd just rearranged her glasses and then turned around without all the distracting hand movements in between, I think it would have had a lot more impact than now.

Jess Nye:

Great Job!

Alex Haggerty:

Lots of strong poses, but they seem to be a little too jittery and all over the place in their motion.

Kerry Kirkpatrick:

I think there are too many movements. maybe try adding some moving holds in :)

Jorge Duran Llanos: