Final Rating: 5.97. Finished 17 out of 167 entries.

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Animator: Hanne Dewachter

Description: Some ideas are better than others, but I can't blame him, the image that some comics portray..
Just.. wear your goggles, okay kids?

I wasn't originally planning to enter this (It's so rough), but, well, here we are anyway. First entry ever! Hurray.

Experience: Um. 4 years?

Time taken: About hree days, maybe a little less. It's really very rough.


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Nathan Greensmith:

Potential winner. I like it, it is pretty good.


hahaha nice, i didn't spect that, good expresions by the way

Ezra Allen:

Not bad shame it's not finished. Like the set up.

Jess Nye:

Love this