Final Rating: 4.44. Finished 77 out of 167 entries.

386 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ezra Allen

Description: He thinks he's right. His tablet (grey poly cube primitive) thinks so too.

Experience: 6 years games industry 0 film & TV

Time taken: about 4 days


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Nathan Greensmith:

Fab lip sync. Good gestures.

Nesir Muradov:

Jaws won't move like that when we speak. Next time, try this: Put your hand under the jaw and read the script. And look at when jaw moves and when its not moving

Hanne Dewachter:

Pretty decent, but try not to animate every single letter in a lip sync seperately. It tends to look a little "yappy".

Catherine Albu:

Very nice! Only critique I have would be that between frames 200 and 220 (approximately), her fingers are all flexed at the same percentage, and are all distanced equally, which makes her hand look unnatural at that moment. Great work, in any case! :)

Sarah Johnson:

Potentially the best lip sync of the competition. Well done!