Final Rating: 6.02. Finished 16 out of 167 entries.

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Animator: Danny Kneip

Description: The frog wants a kiss, but the girl is not amused.

Experience: Years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Nathan Greensmith:

like it. good concept.

Eric Raffle:

very entertaining, good work


Lol, LOVE the story in this one. Great Job!

roy cobn:


Hanne Dewachter:

It's pretty basic animation-wise, but you get points for humor, the frog's expressions are great.

Harry G:

Nice! Great idea :D
It does need some more polishing, but it does look great :)

Ezra Allen:

Yay not bad for a 2d. The female character feels very flat her head seems locked in that one angle. I can see from the frog that you can cope with tilting into screen a bit he feels more 3d as a result. Like the acting on the frog.

Dang Duy Quang:

I love love love love love this one!

Ruth Agada:

I love this concept

Zeeshan Karimi:

Hahaha... Love the idea!! That "I am right" did started to sound like ribbit ribbit. Genius!! ^_^

Wei Wan:

Sooo interesting~I like the facial expressions of the frog.