Final Rating: 4.54. Finished 73 out of 167 entries.

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Animator: roy cobn

Description: This Dentist has his own way to do his job.

Experience: n/a

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Nathan Greensmith:

pretty good


interesting proposal

Harry G:

Up to frame 90 there seems to be something good going on there, but then after that there is an inconsistancy with the style you started off with initially. Hand position is also broken on 125. There is no movement on the nurses body apart from the head and hand. The end is funny though :D

Catherine Albu:

I love how flowy their clothes are!

ro crown:

Not ready for prime time, because the flow from frame to frame is jilttery, The lines are way to scracthy.
The female is not built correct for flow of smoothness of her actions...

Stop with the hair that flips out.
At frame 223 where is the rest of her hair...and her body is not built anatomoclilly correct

I am harsh because I think strongly that you have passion for char's and gag sense and a storytellers presence.

So go with flow in the litererall sense and you will see much improvement for yourself.

and practice those warmup drawings that I suggested.
Draw 25-50 frames of just circles and squares that overlap from page to page to page......


Needs a bit of motion on her top half and hips.