Final Rating: 5.66. Finished 25 out of 167 entries.

821 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gonzalo Andres Moller Ibeas

Description: A stubborn student is corrected by his teacher.

Experience: I have one years as a student of animation.

Time taken: 1 moth


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Santiago lindo:

I like it, good arm movement, may need a little bit more of facial expression and boy movement.

Nathan Greensmith:

great poses, really good.

Harry G:

Nice! It would have looked a lot nicer when polished. I felt you could do more with overlapping on the girls pony tail.

Nicole Brettell:

Terrific dark comedy… Like the use of the chicken nuggets. Like the doggie.

Ezra Allen:

Not bad animation. Models are lacking appeal, work on those drawing skills.

Hanne Dewachter:

This is pretty decent! Your actions are fluid and clear, my critique would be that your lines need a little more refinement, and your characters can be more consistent in shape.

ro crown:

Here we have great and clear action and acting choices...THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU...


Great poses, solid animation.