Final Rating: 4.19. Finished 89 out of 167 entries.

353 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matías Cxbillos Moyano

Description: enjoy

Experience: not much i m a student

Time taken: two weeks


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Nathan Greensmith:

lip sync needs work.

Ezra Allen:

heh funny idea

Wei Wan:

I like this idea. I think it would be more reasonable if the woman perform something like astonished after the accident...

ro crown:

Rated this at only 4 stars under needs lots of improvement.

Model sheets of the char's would help alot.
Try a warmup of perhaps twenty five to fifty blank pgs. of just swirls and circles that get into the essense of what page to page arcs and keeping the character heads the same size most all of the time, should help you alot....