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The Lure of the Truth

by Joseph Merideth

Final Rating: 7.67. Finished 2 out of 167 entries.

14,670 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joseph Merideth

Description: Pencil on paper composited in After Effects.

Experience: 17 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Santiago lindo:

Fantastic hand drawn animation, good expressions, may need a little work on the backgrounds

Nathan Greensmith:

potential winner, I really like this.


i love it, it's... it's like a Disney short movie :D

Matt Herbert:

Very nice solid drawing. My favorite one this month. I have three suggestions: first, do more inbetweens to make it smoother, especially because they are floating fish (of course I know there are time restraints that make this difficult and I'm sure you would have if you could). Second, adding some bubbles here and there when they talk or move quickly would add a lot (and of course I also know that the focus is character animation, not fx).

Last, I think it would add nice contrast of characters if the small fish were more nervous and jittery and not so still. She could be moving around the hook as she skeptically inspects it. It would be stronger to sell the idea that she believes the situation is more dire.

Dang Duy Quang:

Too good!

Hanne Dewachter:

Welll, yep. There we go. Deserving of a full 11! I was hoping a traditional 2D could grace nr.1 again :) (Or at least, I hope it will)

Michael O'Brien:

Such a great interpretation of the dialogue, I wanna see what happens next! Plus the overall design of the characters works nicely with the voices. They float around the water very naturally too which must be a challenge. It'd be great to see this fully fleshed out but I do still enjoy it immensley in its current stage of production.

Ezra Allen:

I think the fins need to move more, I don't think fish sit in place like that without a little effort. It's pretty good though nice work, stayed on model well, lip synch looks good nice performances.

Martin Strom:

Beautiful 2D animation, feels like Disney actually! The scenario is really smart and I love the expression on both of the fishes. I wish we could have seen this in color but I guess you didn't have time to finish it. But that's totally OK, I like this anyway, you're really good. This could be the winner!


Nice lip sync!

Zeeshan Karimi:

11★s!! Best of luck!! ^_^