Final Rating: 4.32. Finished 84 out of 167 entries.

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Animator: Crissie and Jess Z

Description: A silly nugget thinks it's a good idea to get a dog for a pet. The dog loves his new master, especially giving him big wet kisses. Unfortunately, the dog likes the taste of his new master a little too much. OH OH!!! I hope that meal lasts him a while.

Experience: 27 months

Time taken: 1 day


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Nathan Greensmith:

Confusing story. Needs a lot of work but props for stop motion- no pun intended. :)


hahaha awesome job , congrats :D


I always look forward to the chicken nugget entry

Nicole Brettell:

Terrific dark comedy… Like the use of the chicken nuggets. Like the doggie.

Kerry Kirkpatrick:


Catherine Albu:

Yay, stop motion! I think you could have moved the nuggets a little more, beyond having them lipsynched. Maybe the boy nugget could have leaned (rolled slightly?) towards the girl nugget when he was talking? Good job!

Sarah Johnson:

Please never stop. These bring me so much joy.