Final Rating: 6.51. Finished 17 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Mohamed Javith

Description: Wife gets busted by husband and she is in for a surprise at the end..

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 12 days


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Arik R. Morales IV:

This is really great! It all goes together so nicely here.


The animation is good, but a few things could have improved the story a bit. A quick cut to see what she's reacting to at the beginning would have made all that acting less awkward, and maybe if you just put someone's name and "don't touch" on the side of the ice cream so we know it's not her's to take, it might set up the kid's reveal and reaction a little better.

Wei Wang:

love the baby's face

Lise Minnie:

Nicely done! Lovely animation and I really enjoyed the end. :)

Jack (John) O'Brien:

I really like the setup on this one. The only thing I would change about it is seeing the man during her reaction, so we as the viewers know whats going on.

Still, Good Work :)

Aanal Kumar:

hahaha!!!! nice


That was really cool idea...the kids face LOL!!

Rob Small:

Some nice staging! I think it would be more effective if we could see him when she does. Her eyeline suggests she isn't quite looking at him. Otherwise, really good!

Bailey Easson:

I really like the animation, but the story is what sells it most. Good job giving the dialogue context that works well! The characters' expressions are believable and entertaining.

Jesse J. Jones:

Love the changing expressions and attitudes especially in the girl! Very believable as well as exaggerated nicely. The ending made me laugh as well. :) One critique would be the guy's last pose could have a clearer line of action and shifted weight and his hands don't quite sit naturally on him. Great job on this!!

Grant Holden:

Really like this! Just maybe don't need so much of a pause between 210-250


fanrastic drama!

Tobias Fuhr:

this shot has a break of camera but it's another stuff. i like the poses and the hands, you made great hands animation there.... congratulations for this entry

James Hazael:

very clever staging


Love the kids expression! :)

philipp seis:

the ending is marvelous :)

Petr Kábrt:

end is priceless!

Alan Carruthers:

Hey its really nice, especially the intro. If I was to suggest any areas to focus on cleaning up I would look at the guys hands. The arcs and timing of when they seem to be switching fk-ik or space so mainly when they attach to his hips. Possibly a simpler last pose for him. The childs pose is great you can read how disappointed in what looks like someone stealing his ice cream.