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One way or the other.

by William Marsh

Final Rating: 7.11. Finished 10 out of 197 entries.

661 views including the voting period.


Animator: William Marsh

Description: I wanted to try an anthropomorphic acting shot. There is always room for improvement on this shot.

Experience: 2 years.

Time taken: 2 weeks in my spare time.


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Wei Wang:

i like the body shake on "other"

Danny Kneip:

Beautiful work! Great expressions and movement. I really wish the fish were closer together so we could better see your talent as an animator. The composition as it is puts the bad guy way in the distance, and based on the audio, he should be closer, overpowering her (in my opinion). Or the camera should be closer to him so we can really feel his awfulness. As it is, way in the distance, he's not such a threat.

Mohamed Javith:

animation is good but i didnt get the story you are trying to convey..

Cuck Man:

Amazing fish movements
I watched it over and over and kept adding stars to it haha.
I hope you place high

Jesse J. Jones:

This is so good!! Lovely arcs you have there, and great acting. Top draw!

Aanal Kumar:

kool!!!!!! liked it....


always love a change of non human characters
great work too!

Sean McDonald:

Wow so good! Great job!

E'Dorian Guidry:

really enjoyed the movement of the fins

Steeven Gaulin:

wow man! you serious ? one month ?
it's super great, good job!

Aaron Rivera:

Having flashbacks to Finding Nemo. Great job! I do think sometimes the movement is a little faster than it would be in water, like the fins moves side to side or up and down without moving the rest of the body that much, when in reality that would change the entire pose if only slightly, or even propel them forward at the speed they're moving. But the acting is great and expression is great and all the body language is spot on. Great job!


We have our winner here! The end is a bit quirky but the rest is pure awesome!

muhammad rauf:


Reza Hadiani:

great smooth animate

Abhik Paul:

Nice animation.