Final Rating: 4.50. Finished 87 out of 197 entries.

33 views including the voting period.


Animator: David Maguire

Description: An angel makes a deal with the devil and worries that that the big man upstairs might find out.

Experience: Student

Time taken: 1.5 weeks


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Jacob Moreno:

Appealing story. The animation could use another polish pass especially with the devil character. Perhaps pushing the poses further (e.g. in a way that would really reflect his over-empowering character) and definitely giving life to the lower body. The angel at the beginning was very appealing; very subtle acting choices can go a long way. Good job!

philipp seis:

nice idea :)

Christopher Scott:

There are the sound of taking steps that should be worked into the animation so the sound synchs. If the devil was walking back and forth this would have been a much stronger shot.

Aanal Kumar:

u can do better!!!! just need practice.

Mattie Walsh:

Some of the poses and movement between are really good. There are just a few others that are so; when she looks up at him around 70 is a little abrupt, could do with overlap. His head turns need more of a response from his body. You've got some good choices in the movement