Final Rating: 5.54. Finished 47 out of 197 entries.

85 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lauren Elizabeth MacColl

Description: A witch accidently curses the wrong guy. He wasn't much of a looker anyhow.

Experience: 4 years. 2.1 honors.

Time taken: 2 weeks? Something like that.


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Danny Kneip:

Great work, overall! I wish you didn't cross the line of action at 307. The witch gesturing to him at 275 before he passes is really amusing. Well done.

Aanal Kumar:

pritty kool....


broke the 180 rule with the last shot, he's on the right, crosses to the left then he's back on the right after the cut.

Roger Crown:

rated as poor, because again and again your characters look like they have constipation..........

Please, please look to having fun with the pencil draws of the action lines and the arc's....
in this case the arc's are a bit much......
Suggestion is that you go all the way back to the basics of the flour sack and the bouncing ball basics and then do perhaps 10 different camera views of said f.sacks and b.balls.......

Jesse J. Jones:

There's some continuity issues, like how he's holding the book and his facial expression, as well as how her fingers are posed during the cut at fr. 168 which was jarring. Same with the witches pose on the cut at fr. 315. Also his mouth stops moving during "...about it". But great animation style, I really liked it a lot! Good job! :)

Aaron Rivera:

I love the lovingly crafted grotesqueness of the artstyle. Everything moves great and helps the whole piece, and the expressions and extremes are fun to look at. I do think the witch could've moved a bit during "but you'll find out", but this is amazing regardless. Nicely done!

Abhishek Banerjee:

awesome work......