Final Rating: 5.17. Finished 57 out of 197 entries.

42 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gary

Description: Woman discovers out she trusted the wrong man. Duhn duhn duhhhnnnn.

Experience: 4 College Classes

Time taken: 15-20 Hours


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Aanal Kumar:

acting is messing!!!

Danny Kneip:

Really great composition and staging. Well acted and synced. The lighting adds to the drama.

Roger Crown:

Interesting that some of you love the 40ish dark film noir look.....have graded this as 9 stars.

Aaron Rivera:

The expressions and framing on this is fantastic. The angle at the end really gives a sense of power to the man and accepts the audio well. The one nitpicky thing I'll say is that the woman's head movement at the beginning when she says "you won't tell him will you?" seems a little too snappy for the audio, and the head holds a little too stiff after it. Otherwise this is fantastic.

Jesse J. Jones:

I like it! His look at her when he's getting up really sells it for me. Even though we're judging animation only, I really like your use of lighting and composition to convey mood. Good job! :)