Final Rating: 4.72. Finished 73 out of 197 entries.

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Animator: Lise Minnie

Description: King Henry VIII's Wife is inquisitive...
My first 2D Animation EVER! I enjoyed this project so much! Unfortunately I started on this project only 2 weeks ago and I couldn't finish. I would appreciate your critique - I want to learn and improve.

Experience: I am still a rookie - 2 Weeks.

Time taken: 2 Weeks


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Michael D. Smith:

needs more tweens an better timing.

Roger Crown:

grade of respectable.

Is a bit stiff........but the draws are spot on.

Jesse J. Jones:

Movement is a little jerky, would like to see better lines of action in their poses as well as showing weight when he lifts the heavy axe.


Thanks for the secondary action. It fits with the distant way of speaking of the guy and smallest soudns. The rythm is not really clear without all in-betweens and there are a few hiccups with the perpective and proportions of the guy. But still, it is consistant and represents a big amount of work.

Aaron Rivera:

I think adding more frames instead of rotating parts would've been much more effective here, especially on the woman, and the shapes on the woman could be better defined, like her arms, which look disconnected from her body most of the time because her shoulder is too far from the body. But it's a fun story and the guy is fairly well animated.