Final Rating: 7.26. Finished 6 out of 197 entries.

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Description: it's about a subject and her emotions who wants some one should understand her feeling and requesting the scientist to convey her message.

Experience: some

Time taken: weekendes and after work.


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Aanal Kumar:

awasom work.....

philipp seis:

veeery nice :)

Himadri Sekhar Dhali:

nice animation.....

Mattie Walsh:

Great contrast in poses. The use of the pencil is really good too. The body movement is really good too, and sells the dialogue. You lose it a bit on the lip-syncking at the end. The word "other" doesn't seem there even though it's quiet. The eye movement is cool, nice gestures too.


Really good. Both characters have their unique personalities which is great! The blue bg could have been toned down.

James Ham:

Great work!!


okay... Something's awesome, here ! Brutal actions with subtle movements. Great!

Jesse J. Jones:

Great acting and composition!! Love it! Great snappiness to it, reminds me of the Freakazoid cartoons. :) "the other" doesn't quite read on the lipsync. Great job on this!

Aaron Rivera:

This is how you do quick, cartoony movement. Every movement flows into the next, while still being snappy and energetic, hitting at the right points, with a nice balance of smooth and snappy movements and lots of subtle details to accent the performance. Excellent job!

Reza Hadiani:

very well but ithink the kissing animate will be winner


Great job!


Good Job!