Final Rating: 7.50. Finished 2 out of 197 entries.

4,591 views including the voting period.


Animator: Federico Abib

Description: A maid breaks a fancy, old and expensive vase that belongs to the owner of the mansion where she works, as she is trying to fix it, the evil butler of the house and boss of her, steals the last piece of
porcelain she needs to fix it.

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: Not sure really, but probably 2 weeks and a half.


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Jacob Moreno:

Very nice work. The maid's pose after the first cut seems more assertive than worried. Perhaps this is what you were going for. Also the man's eyes at the end seem to break the forth wall rather than looking at the maid. Very minor adjustments. Excellent work overall.

Lise Minnie:

Nicely done! I like the butler's expressions.

philipp seis:

great work !

Michael D. Smith:


Aanal Kumar:

wow!!!! m just ur fan now!!!!!!

Danny Kneip:

The performances are quite stellar and impressive! An excellent job overall. The maid definitely feels frozen in place in a few spots but the lip sync and acting are very good.

Murtaza Tayyab Ali:

I think we have the winner for this month!
Everything from the idea to the the acting and off course ANIMATION- TOP NOTCH!!

Jesse J. Jones:

Terrific acting, especially in the guy! I really like it! :) The girl seems to drift in fr. 150-170, which could work if the weight shift was shown more. Great job!!

Aaron Rivera:

Absolutely fantastic! Absolutely no complaints.

muhammad rauf:

good job..


great job. there are some quirky parts but the poses are interesting!

Reza Hadiani:

third place is fair for this animate