Final Rating: 5.84. Finished 35 out of 197 entries.

73 views including the voting period.


Animator: sergeyPavlutin

Description: He was delicious ...
He did not notice ...

Experience: Some time.

Time taken: Three weeks.


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Your last pose could use some retooling, The speaking character on the right, who's voice sounds more confident and in control is in a submissive pose, while the left character has a more dominating stance. It doesn't quite match how the dialog is spoken.


The last pose seems like he's scared instead of conniving.

Roger Crown:

The dog/bear character should push into the lion character to reinforce what the line is.....

So why are your lines so sketchy.....

On the mouse/bat character his new big ears should POP out and be there with squash and strech for the end deployment of said ears....

Patrick Stelmach:

The female seems very static while the male is talking, maybe she should react more to what he's saying.

Jesse J. Jones:

Pose on the screen right right seems odd. Probably needs a better silhouette. Good work though! :)

Benjamin Berg:

Looks good. There are two things I'll mention though. 1st. The animation feels a little floaty or too slow in places. Example: [Frames 150- 175 on the right character] [Frames 330-356 on the left character] 2nd. It looks partially incomplete and could use some more time smoothing everything out.

Aaron Rivera:

Very nice! I feel like some frames are missing here and there but the movement is all great. With those frames this could've made the top 11, though I hope it still will. Great job regardless!

Matthew Dobrez:

the characters look like Wallace and Gromit style... very cool.